Does the man define a woman or the woman define a man…

Does the man define the woman, or does the woman define the man. Does the man defined by the woman become a man or half a man?

Are the Anti-feminists men who refuse to be defined by women?… An Ada.

Men are little particles of shattered moonlight stories, cutting through generations, often breath-taking, rarely shallow, rampantly heavy but sparking outrages from its other side- the rib called Ada.

Ada represents the feminist…

Ada is a woman.

For every feminist, there is an anti-feminist.

Anti-feminists are sub particles of these particles of shattered stories, shadows of single stories emanating from Chimamanda, purported gays, stingiest of men, ugly, round eyed and straight. What more?

Of course, Hilary Clinton is not the 21st century favourite daughter, if she was, her twitter profile won’t come first with a bold “wife”. But Ada was supposed to be a wife.

Are wives the other side of the shattered particles of moonlight stories, who refuse to be an other side, but the real particle in itself, relegating the real particles, still crying and moaning, for more rights, rights that don’t exist.

But do rights exist?

Rights are chains, like the Pauline biblical law, limiting the human element to particular moves, leaving him insatiable, stubborn, devilishly gutted, wide eyed and seeking more- may be an Oliver twist. Rights are certainly not what the arrangers of nature surly made it to be.

But how do we define rights.

Rights are exclusive properties of Ada, the 21st century feminist. Perfect answer…..

And how does the feminist see a man?

Does the man see the Woman as a woman or a feminist? Or does the feminist eclipse the term name or term woman.

Is the “woman” a term, name or an exalted other half?

Sometimes you become what you chase. Those who chase money end up becoming money for those who care little about money. But would they end up losing what makes them money chasers in their stride to make more money. They end up becoming losers……

What would the 22nd century woman be like?

Does Rights make the woman a term?


But does excessive right do?

Yes, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Even the real and original particles of nature, which theology says bore forth the Ada, lacks certain rights.

  • So what does Chimamanda want?
  • May be a time when, men, the purported anti-feminists, would breastfed the kids….
  • Become nannies…which they do
  • Cook everything…which they do
  • Do everything….bear children… take in…..

And still remain the man

What a feministic world………




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